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soccer coaching

I also thought statistics as a graduate student as a trend for the next 10 years in grassroots in Europe.

Robin Russell

Very Useful thanks Serbulent.Please give my best regards to all at TFF and keep up the good work
Thanks for your input - most appreciated

Account Deleted

Great article, thank you very much for this.
Just two quick notes;
In recreational football virtual organization like you have stated seems to have a bright future. It is spreading fastly in Turkey. This site for example; is one where you can play games any day of the week, immensely flexible fixtures with a totally innovative method of giving points where to be the champion of the season you do not need to play every team or not even the same amount of games. If you visit the site you'll see that there are tons of news and photos as well, giving participants a "celebrity" feeling. Will give you more info on them if you would like. There are other sites like this too, so to me this seems like the future of recreational senior football: small sided, flexible fixtures, flexible method of giving points, creation of a mini celebrity status...
On a childrens football level, in addition to all that you have stated, I am expecting more state participation on a "war against obesity" basis in the near future. Not that I know of anywhere that it exists currently, but I think this will be an agenda item. Football is still the cheapest and most fun method of getting kids to move, and government will buy into that just like sponsors do.
Once again thanks and congrats for the insightful article. Had a hard time trying to summarize what I wanted to say, hope this was not too vague or not understandable...

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