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Zonalton Ford

It’s great to have the independent article. This is obviously a good quality academic article.
Zonalton Ford

"PC Pro Schools"

Mark Upton

Hi Robin,

In regards to PlayerTube, I have not promoted it that aggressively. Have had a few trial it and say they like the concept.

I think the ability to have comments/questions linked to specific times/events in the video and players being able to respond with their own thoughts is beneficial. This simulates the "coachable moment" that occurs when a coach might freeze play during a training activity and question players on certain options available.

However, I think that there are a couple of technical obstacles to those not at the higher levels of coaching. One is simple access/editing/use of digital video/software and then two, adequate bandwidth to make the upload and playback process efficient.

Interested in any of your thoughts Robin. I have a real passion for developing applications that can assist in the coaching process so always looking for feedback/ideas.



Robin Russell


Can you give us more information on 'Player Tube'

Have you had much interest?


Mark Upton

The Salman Khan approach, or "flipping" the classroom-homework model, is certainly gaining much attention lately (although some argue that it has existed for a while).

If anyone is interested in a specific example of how this was implemented in a sporting context, you can read this article I posted a while back detailing our approach at an elite Australian Football club.

I would be really interested to hear of any other examples in sports coaching.

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